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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Progressive movement is about power and authoritarianism

Weasel Zippers
Great Falls Tribune  "The left-wing progressives have had a tough time with President Trump’s election. In addition to the generalized weeping and gnashing of teeth, secessionist movements have begun in California, Oregon and Washington (Although strangely, they are not ridiculed by the mainstream press like Texas was after President Obama won…?). Mayors of so-called “Sanctuary Cities” are panicking at the thought that the federal government might withhold funds for their refusal to follow federal laws, and just the other day the media blamed the Trump administration for unlawfully detaining a Muslim Olympian, even though the detention occurred in December 2016, under the Obama Administration.

"Students and others at Berkeley rioted and attacked property at the mere thought that someone who disagrees with them might be allowed to speak in public." . . .

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