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Thursday, April 27, 2017

ACLU Sues Catholic Hospital For Refusing to Perform Transition Surgery on Transgender Patient

The Gateway Pundit  “Transition surgery” or ‘sex reassignment surgery’ should be seen as an elective surgery and hospitals shouldn’t be forced to perform them. These surgeries do not make a man a woman, or a woman a man. It is the height of make-believe." . . .

Because this transgender is unwilling to find a new hospital, she/he is going to make lives for others difficult. Dignity Health’s Mercy San Juan Medical Center, which is a private Catholic hospital in Sacramento, California, is in the middle of litigation with the ACLU after the hospital decided not to play along with a mentally ill individual’s request to become a man via sex change surgery.
"The suit claims that Evan Michael Minton, a woman who thinks she is a man, wants her vagina removed. Minton claims that she was denied the sex change because the hospital was “discriminatory” to her lifestyle.
"Of course, this angle is an easy way to get some attention and ruin other people’s lives because of unhappiness in their own."  More here.  

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