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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dame Vera Lynn’s face projected onto white cliffs of Dover to mark her 100th birthday

The White Cliffs of Dover, a sight homesick British Troops fighting Nazis on the continent looked on with affection and homesickness; a sight Adolf Hitler looked on with frustration.  They longed for the day they could all go home again and wept at the sound of voices from home such as that of Vera Lynn. TD

During the Second World War she inspired our troops and stole the hearts of a generation.And today (March 20) the nation will honour Dame Vera Lynn's 100th birthday with a unique and fitting tribute. War veterans, WW11 re-enactors, 1940s singers and supporters of the Dame Vera Lynn's Children's Charity will gather beneath an enormous purpose built structure on the White Cliffs of Dover this morning.  Read more at KentLive
UK Metro   "Dame Vera Lynn famously sang about bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover – and now the singer’s face will be projected onto the very same location to mark her 100th birthday.
"Dame Vera, who famously became the forces sweetheart during World War Two, will have her image projected on to the cliffs on March 20, the same day that she becomes a centenarian.
Dame Vera Lynn"The 350ft image of Dame Vera will also celebrate the release of her new album, Vera Lynn 100.
"The record will feature new, orchestra-backed recordings of her beloved music – and will also make her the first singer to have released an album as a centenarian.
"Hailing the projection as an ‘unprecedented honour’, Dame Vera said: ‘I am truly thrilled by this wonderful gesture." 
" ‘As we look to the white cliffs on Monday, I will be thinking of all our brave boys – the cliffs were the last thing they saw before heading off to war and, for those fortunate enough to return, the first thing they saw upon returning home.
"‘I feel so blessed to have reached this milestone and I can’t think of a more meaningful way to mark the occasion.’ "
"Dame Vera’s latest release comes eight years after she became the oldest living artist to land a UK number one album – and marks an incredible 93 years in the industry after she made her stage debut at the age of seven.

"Happy birthday, Dame Vera!"

 Frequently bombarded by the Germans

Dover in the Crosshairs – Hitler’s Four-Year Artillery Bombardment of Southern England

This was as close to Dover as Hitler ever got:  
\1 July 1940 - Goering and other Nazi officials look across the English Channel at the Cliffs of Dover the closest they would ever get to invading Britain [640 x 360] #HistoryPorn #history #retro http://ift.tt/266g05E:

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