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Saturday, April 8, 2017

"Dayenu, President Trump! For each thing you’ve done, it would have been enough"

Bookworm Room  "Passover is around the corner and I have an ear worm: The Passover song DayenuThe Hebrew word “Dayenu” (דַּיֵּנוּ) means “it would have been enough,” or “it would have sufficed.” The pattern of the song is to list the miracles God performed for the Jewish people, with the chorus being “Dayenu” — it would have been enough.
"Here’s a short sampling of the lyrics:
Verse 1:
If He had brought us out from Egypt,
and had not carried out judgments against them
— Dayenu, it would have sufficed!
Verse 2:
If He had carried out judgments against them,
and not against their idols
— Dayenu, it would have sufficed!
Verse 3:
If He had destroyed their idols,
and had not smitten their first-born
— Dayenu, it would have sufficed!
"And here’s the Maccabeats’ delightful version of Dayenu, which will give you a nice sense of the song:"

“I want to thank the Maccabeats for their outstanding performance. They just did an outstanding number for me — it was very brief — that said, “four more years.” It was good. I really liked it. So thank you.”  BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States 

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