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Monday, April 17, 2017

Hopefully: How Don made Jong’s Nodong go wrong


From the UK Sun: "They say US agents may have infected the hi-tech electronics in tyrant Kim Jong-un’s rocket with an undetectable virus that caused a massive malfunction." . . .

How Don made Jong’s Nodong go wrong

"Experts later said it was possible the medium-range ballistic rocket, thought to be a Nodong, was brought down by a US cyber attack.
"North Korea is forced to import the high-tech electronics used in its missiles.
"US agents are believed to have infiltrated the supply chain and may have planted undetectable “malware” viruses inside Kim’s missiles.
"As soon as a launch was detected, a signal could have been delivered to the infected component via satellite from the US National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland.
"Defence analyst Paul Beaver said: “It is perfectly feasible the US brought down this missile.
“ 'Their cyber warfare capabilities are now highly advanced.
“ 'As soon as military satellites watching Sinpo detected an imminent launch, a team at the National Security Agency would have got to work." . . .
Wouldn't you love this to be more than wishful speculation?


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