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Monday, April 17, 2017

The famous photo from WW2: Hans-Georg Henke – 16 Year Old German soldier crying

World War 2 - Gravestone

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Hans-Georg Henke - 16 year old German soldier crying after
 being captured by the Allies, 1945

"As a son of a former Communist sympathiser, Hans-Georg himself joined the Communist party and went to live in Finsterwalde in East Germany after the war. Unlike the hordes that crossed from East to West Germany during the period before the erection of the Berlin Wall, Hans-Georg did the exact opposite. Perhaps it is for this reason that he changed the story of why he was crying so inconsolably in these photographs.
"According to the story that Henke maintained throughout his life – he died in 1997 – he was based in Stettin with a battery of 88mm guns. As the Russians advanced so the German forces were pushed back towards Rostock. It was here where the Russians finally overran their unit, that these photographs were taken.
"The alternative story is given by an American photo-journalist John Florea. He alleges that he took these photographs in Hessen, in the village of Hüttenberg-Rechtenbach, which is just north of Frankfurt am Main.
"The area in which the photos of Hans-Georg were taken is incontrovertibly Hessen. A number of photos taken clearly show areas of the town which still exist today. Furthermore as these photos indicate, he was bearing boots when captured and not, as he alleged later, with rags on his feet. " . . .

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