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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

No shortage of discussion on James Comey

First this, earlier in the day:
James Comey just stepped in it, big time

. . . "The Post's Devlin Barrett has confirmed ProPublica's reporting that Comey misstated key details of an investigation into Hillary Clinton at a hearing last week.
"Specifically at issue are Comey's statements that:
  1. Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin “forwarded hundreds and thousands of emails” from Clinton's private email server to her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner, as part of a “regular practice” of forwarding emails for Weiner to print out for Clinton, and …
  2. These emails contained classified information.
Followed with this by Jonah Goldberg:
The Comey Firing
. . . "There’s much we don’t know. Much we need to know. Much we may never know. But my initial reactions to the news of the James Comey firings are: 
1) I disagree with many of my friends who say this termination was a long time in coming. I think many of Comey’s decisions are easily criticized. But when you look back at the decisions he made — when he made them — I believe Comey was put in one no-win situation after another, and he made defensible decisions. Hillary Clinton tested the limits of what the system would allow and she put people and institutions in an untenable position. I don’t think Comey should have been fired, but I can see the argument going the other way. 2) That said, I simply don’t buy the case made in the letter from President Trump. I am very skeptical that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was the chief driver of, or lobbyist for, this decision.
" I’m also skeptical that Deputy AG Rod Rosentein — on the job for two weeks — pulled the trigger on the firing of the FBI director." . . .Read more:

This all "terrifies" Hillary's team.

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