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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ISIS Fighters Tried to Trick U.S-Backed Forces Into Killing Mosul Civilians


"Fighters from the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) herded a group of civilians into a house in the city of Mosul and locked them inside as Iraqi forces advanced. Moments later, the militants entered through a window, lay low for a few minutes, then fired their weapons.
"The plan was simple. They would draw attention to the house by firing from the windows, then move to an adjacent building through a hole in the wall, in hope of goading coalition jets flying above to strike the house.
"What the militants did not realise was that U.S. advisers partnered with Iraqi troops were watching the whole thing on an aerial drone feed. No air strike was called—and the propaganda coup ISIS would have reaped from the deaths of innocent people was averted." . . .

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