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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Obama Cult

No wonder the man's speeches were, and are are cluttered with  personal pronouns  such as "I", "Me", "Mine" as he referred to "my military", "my Secretary of State" and, of course, his use of Greek columns along with that loooong walk out into the crowd for his 2008 inauguration speech. TD

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Richard Terrell   . . . "Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the Obama cult was revealed early on, during the first campaign, in which a worship song, "Sanctuary," was adapted to the promotion of the One.  In this song, the worshiper pledges to make himself a sanctuary, pure and holy, for the Lord.  In the video adaptation, Obama is substituted for Christ as the object of honor and worship.  
"The words of the song are regularly interrupted with images of people exhorting viewers to "say the word – Obama!" and similar invitations.  The song itself says: "Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true.  With thanksgiving I'll be a living sanctuary for you."

"That people, even longstanding church members, were more than willing to accede to this idolatry became apparent to me as I sought to alert friends to this emerging cultish devotion.  It made no difference, and my "look at this" exhortation was met with dismissal or blind eyes.  In one instance, a rock-solid, decades-long leader in my church, after receiving a message from me about these expressions, simply replied, "I believe in him."
"The Obama cult does, in fact, insert itself into the problematic arenas where religion and politics meet.  There has never been, in the U.S., a clearer flash point providing Christians with an opportunity to embrace or turn from lurid idolatry.  It constitutes, as it were, a test of allegiance, and Mr. Obama and his wife seem to have wanted it that way.  For many people, even among the "churched," the substitute Great One seems to have won the day." . . .

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