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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Commie-fornia Democrats Hit a Wall on Single-Payer


Commie-fornia Democrats Hit a Wall on Single-Payer

"There is so much winning for taxpayers, concerned citizens, and conservatives in general in the state of California. The slow but steady victories in this blue bastion of progressive insanity should raise hope for all of us. After all, the Left loves to gloat that what happens in California is most likely to pop up all over the United States. 

"They might want to change their minds. 

"First, an assemblyman in Commie East Bay Alameda County attempted to allow Communists to serve openly in our government. The South Vietnamese Community in Orange County and veterans throughout the state hammered this liberal nut. His bill to “update archaic language in the state code” died after getting a bare majority in the Assembly. Besides, the legislature is full of communists anyway. 

"They just need to be voted out.

" Then the infamous state senator who removed an exemption from forced school vaccinations tried to push a state­based resolution of children’s rights. This bill was really a subversive attack on parental rights. His proposal would invite more government intervention into the home. The proposal crashed and burned. 

"And now for the latest good news, and everyone needs to know about it. Single payer is dead in California—for now. " . . .

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