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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump to ban transgender people from all military service

The Hill  . . . " Last year, the Obama administration lifted the ban on allowing transgender troops to serve openly.

"Under the policy set by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter, transgender troops also receive coverage for any treatment deemed medically necessary by their doctors, including surgery and hormone therapy.
"That step left a decision for Defense Secretary James Mattis to make on whether to allow new transgender troops to enter the military.
"Trump made the surprise announcement while Mattis is on vacation, stoking speculation about the Pentagon’s level of involvement in Trump’s decision.
"It wasn't immediately clear what Trump's announcement would mean for the approximately 250 transgender people now serving openly in the U.S. military." . . .
The Hill: A transgender military is a weaker, compromised military   . . . "A recent review of the scientific literature by psychiatrists Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh notes that:  Adults who have undergone sex-reassignment surgery continue to have a higher risk of experiencing poor mental health outcomes.”
. . . Those leaders should advise the new Commander-in-Chief that their unique medical problems alone make transgender individuals ill-suited for military service.
"The military regularly discharges service members who are not medically deployable. It would be unfair not to hold individuals who identify as transgender to the same standard." . . .
Liberal Heads to EXPLODE as Trump Announces Military Transgender Ban
"….victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you"
chelsea-manning.jpgBradley Chelsea Manning really dislikes this  . . . "Responding to the surprise announcement, delivered by Mr Trump in a string of tweets on Wednesday, Ms Manning said: "So, biggest baddest most $$ military on earth cries about a few trans people but funds the F-35? Sounds like cowardice."
"The former soldier, who was released from prison in May after serving seven years for leaking secret military documents to WikiLeaks, said the armed forces "have always been a social experiment just as much as a fighting force".

What Donald Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in US military actually means
Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, said that by attacking those thousands of serving members of the military who are transgender Donald Trump is "undermining our military".
Private Manning's point of view:
Former soldier says army is 'crying about a few trans people'
2016:  Obama's transgender policy 'devastating' military  . . . " Donnelly said the year-long study is nothing but smoke and mirrors.
“ 'It’s not about having the finest force in the world,” she said. “The so-called study was consultation with LGBT activist groups, including RAND Corporation, which does nothing but polemics whenever they’re asked to issue a report on military social issues. Every time the DoD asks for something like this, the DoD gets what they want.”
Image result for military transgender photos"She believes this is all about President Obama rewarding his political allies.
“It is a political payoff to LGBT activist groups,” Donnelly said. “It’s the final gift of this administration in the final LGBT Equality Month to top off a series of things that the administration has delivered to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender activist groups.”
"In addition to focusing on a social agenda instead of combat readiness, Donnelly fears indoctrination will run rampant through the entire military community.
“ 'Military leaders are being ordered to adopt this policy, to promote it, to conduct education classes, even down to the Department of Defense elementary schools – the largest school system in the world. Everybody in the armed forces will be indoctrinated to talk about gender dysphoria as if it is a normal condition and as if they are a civil rights group.' ”   Including things like this?
"Temple University Army ROTC made to wear red high heels to raise “rape awareness' ”

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