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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Obama's Legacy: North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

"Talk will no longer cut it; it is time for action.  A bully will not listen to reason; he is going to take your lunch money every day until he gets that punch in the nose. Why do you think Barack Obama is so thin?"
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William L. Gensert  "Today, without China's help, America has no other choice but to respond militarily to North Korean provocations.  War will be catastrophic and bloody, but inaction may be even more so.
"Progressives are always talking about Barack Obama's legacy.  Well, this is his true legacy: the needless deaths of perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent people because he refused to take action before the clock ran out.
"Obama wanted to be known as the president who stopped wars and not one who started them, which he did anyway when he thought it would enhance his stature.  Because of this, he withdrew from Iraq, birthing ISIS; waffled in Syria, resulting in the death of a half a million people; and did nothing about North Korea.  He played golf and threw parties in the White House.  With North Korea, it is now probably too late for effective action short of war.  Wait a couple of years, when the bill for his appeasement of Iran will come due.
"Small leaders like Obama don't understand that we live in a dangerous world.  This is not new; it has always been that way.  As treacherous as it may be, it is not really that complicated.  The Democratic Republic of North Korea (DPRK) has a visceral loathing for the United States of America.  The destruction of America has been official policy for decades, and regardless of how much "strategic patience," Obama's non-strategy, we show the DPRK, that will not change. "

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