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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why Trump Was Right to Condemn Both Sides For Violence in Charlottesville

PJ Media

. . . "Trump should have condemned the white nationalists more harshly than the other protesters — they started the violence and their actions killed someone. The white supremacy pushed by these groups is utterly vile and without excuse.
But Trump was right that hatred and violence emerged on both sides. Heather Heyer has been hailed as dying "while protesting against hate," but there was violence and inexcusable behavior on both sides in Charlottesville this weekend.
The anger and violence in video after video from Charlottesville shows two sides striking at one another, two sides attempting to inflict harm on one another.
"Americans should not forget that this is the latest in a string of political violence. Last year, a man inspired by Black Lives Matter killed five police officers in cold blood in Dallas, Texas. Just a few months ago, a politically motivated shooter targeted Congressman Steve Scalise (R-La.) and other Republicans at a Congressional Baseball Game practice.
"This isn't the only recent instance of violence caused by white supremacy, either. The Charleston church shooting in 2015 poignantly comes to mind. America has a problem, and trying to determine who is most to blame will only make the problem worse.
"Not to excuse the white supremacists in any way, but it is worth exploring the reasons why this group has felt increasingly marginalized in recent years. Calls for a national "conversation about race" have focused on whites as oppressors and minorities as victims in every case."

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