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Friday, September 29, 2017

Saints QB Drew Brees says team will kneel, then 'stand together during the anthem' before Sunday's game. Other commentaries as well...

Update: We should have given up on the NFL over that Beyonce' half-time show, wouldn't you think?  The Tunnel Dweller

UK Daily Mail

Saints quarterback Drew Brees stood for Sunday's national anthem in Charlotte while 10 teammates decided to remain on the bench in protest of police brutality against minorities

"New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees says the team will kneel and then stand for the national anthem before their game against Miami in London.

"Brees says in a tweet on Friday, 'As a way to show respect to all, our #Saints team will kneel in solidarity prior to the national anthem & stand together during the anthem.'

"That's also how the Dallas Cowboys dealt with their anthem protest on Monday night in a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

"Ten Saints players sat on the bench during the anthem last Sunday on a day of unprecedented protests among NFL players and some owners in response to comments by President Donald Trump that players should be fired if anyone 'disrespects our flag.'  . . .  Read more here.

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Surprise! NFL game ticket sales down whopping 17.9%   . . . "The cascade of boos from fans in the stadium who react to players kneeling during the anthem and the threats of a fan boycott are not having much of an effect. But fewer fannies in the seats - a lot fewer - should get their attention. " . . . 

Cartoon by Ben Garrison:  . . . " The lefties that run Hollywood infused our movies with tiresome, rote political correctness. The left took over education and taught kids to obey big government while dumbing them down and telling them lies about US history. Feelings became more important than reason in colleges. The left controlled the mainstream media and the news narrative. Everything was increasingly slanted toward globalism and socialism. Not content with that, the left also attacked the NFL." . . .

This is how sports teams should sing their national anthems   "In some places, they don't just stand."
. . . 
Watch at least one of these videos

. . . "Some athletes love their extended family as represented by the national (family) song and are not ashamed of belting it out even if their voices are not quite of recording quality.
"A good penance for the poor taste shown recently by our NFL teams would be for them to follow suit: link arms and belt out their loyalty and their love of their extended family and for our common home.  Owners and coaches should be down on the field and join in.
"But somehow I find it difficult to imagine such a response from the NFL.  We've been taught for half a century that American history is something to be ashamed of, that the record is only one of exploitation and subjugation and so stained that it can never be cleansed.  We must carry our ancestors' guilt from generation to generation."

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