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Saturday, January 6, 2018

How Bernie Sanders's minimum wage hike idea works in Venezuela

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Monica Showalter  "Bernie Sanders has opined for years on the necessity of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, explaining that:
By phasing in a pay raise for tens of millions of workers, we can improve living standards, lift families out of poverty, and provide a much-needed boost to our economy. Our bill will raise the wages of 41 million workers — an extra $3,500 a year in pay for full-time workers.
"The socialist Senator this past year introduced legislation in the Senate for the wage hike and while that didn't succeed (so far) has made the $15 wage call a standard platform item for most Democrats on the campaign trail. After all, if a $10 minimum wage hike is great, why not a $15 raise?
"Sanders has even claimed such a move would cut federal spending, something that the lefty PolitiFact found 'mostly false.'
"Factual or not, Sanders remains popular, especially among the millennials who, born after the Wall's fall, have no experience of socialism whatsoever.
"Until now." . . .
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The Evil that Must Not Be Named on Campus  "Academia turns a blind eye to the reality of actual socialism, the ideology practiced by Marxists while they sought the perfection of communism...someday.  Socialism is ruining Venezuela today, and the whitewash pervades elite culture, even when the evil strikes close to home for an elite American small college." . . .
. . . "The bottom line: the true, evil nature of socialism is not being taught at most of America's colleges and universities.  To the contrary, socialism is promulgated as a positive force for "social justice," "income equality," and "environmental preservation."  As such, when the true nature of socialism rears its ugly head (as in present-day Venezuela), the horrific reality must be suppressed." . . .

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