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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Leftist Racialists Pounce on Starbucks. Leftists Eventually Eat Their Own

Acceptible racism
"As soon as I heard about how two black men were arrested in a Starbucks because they would not leave, I made some predictions. First, there would be Leftist outrage. Second, there would be an overreaction by Starbucks. Third, the Left would not be satisfied.
"My fourth prediction is below."
According to press reports, the two men entered the Starbucks and asked for the key to the bathroom. But bathrooms at Starbucks are only for paying customers, and the two men hadn’t ordered anything yet. Having been denied access to the toilet, they took a seat at a table, claiming that they were waiting for a friend to arrive before they ordered. The manager then asked them to leave. After they refused, she called the cops, who arrested them for trespassing. (Reason)
. . .  "Since the story and the manufactured backlash hit, Starbucks is going to close its 8000 locations for half-a-day in May to hold racial sensitivity training. Instead of dealing with this single store, Starbucks overreacted like the Left overreached on the gun issue. Instead of dealing with the guilty, Starbucks pronounces judgment on every employee who works at a Starbucks and indicts the entire company.
None of this was enough for the Left. My fourth prediction was that Starbucks will become a haven for political racialists. And I might add, a haven for the homeless and people taking advantage of the situation. “Let’s go to Starbucks. They won’t throw us out. They CAN’T throw us out.”

 Comedian Reacts to Backlash After He Walks Into Starbucks Demanding Free Coffee as ‘Reparations’  
"After guilt tripping a Starbucks barista into giving him free coffee as “reparations,” a Black comedian trashed the coffee giant’s plan to close nearly 8,000 of its stores next month for employee diversity training.

"Bryan Sharpe, also known as “Hotep Jesus,” was interviewed by Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, April 18, after footage of his hilarious trolling went viral on social media. When asked why he did what he did, Sharpe offered an unexpected response.

“ 'I am sick and tired of liberals using Black people and making us look like victims, making us look soft with their liberal dogma,” he said. “It’s disgusting.' ” . . .

“I heard y’all was racist, so I came to get my free coffee,” Sharpe says in the video. “Yeah, I heard you guys don’t like Black people … so I wanted to get my Starbucks reparations voucher.”
Surprisingly, Sharpe’s prank worked and he walked away with a large caramel coffee on the house. The comedian said he’s received backlash, however, for making light of racism with his impromptu prank. Still, Sharpe remained unapologetic about his antics.
“… I embrace the hate because it gets balanced out with love,” he told Ingraham. “All the people that hate, they’re just brainwashed by liberals. That’s all it is. They’re afraid to think for themselves.”
More here.. Personally I like this guy. He knows how to show real stupidity by emphasizing stupidity itself. And like the Parkland students have discovered, an angry expression is gold to the mainstream media.

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