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Friday, July 20, 2018

Mass Insanity Is Destroying Papa John and the Company He Founded


The Sacramento Bee @sacbee_news  
As Papa John’s evaluates NFL sponsorship, chain tells racists: Don’t buy our pizza http://sacb.ee/bJLp 6:25 PM - Nov 4, 2017
Independent Sentinel  . . . "The politically correct left smells blood in the water. He criticized the NFL’s anti-American protests and he’s on the political right, therefore, he must be destroyed, and his company too.

"The media wants his friends and top executives destroyed too.

"Much of this is fomented by the media. Forbes now claims — after interviewing anonymous former and current staffers — male employees made crude comments without consequence and executives were rewarded if they had personal ties to Schnatter. The left-wing Forbes claims there is a “toxic” frat culture at Papa John’s.

"This is not the age of men, especially not white men or men who are masculine. 

"That’s all wrapped up as ‘toxic’.

"Schnatter’s spokesperson said the story has “numerous inaccuracies and misrepresentations.”

"Nevertheless, as a result of the Forbes report, Papa John’s felt they had to hire a firm to audit its practices and culture. It is all based on the gossip reported to the newspaper at this point. You don’t have to be guilty. Offended, anonymous people just have to say you are. There has been no trial, no conviction. The media gets away with reporting the gossip and destroying people with it." . . .

Would racists include those who declare hate for "white privilege"?

* The left-operated press and TV will destroy Papa John like this. Late-night TV and satire comics are all stacked against them:

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