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Friday, July 20, 2018

Nickki Haley ends a 7-year war

Anyone else notice the pattern of peace in this administration?
Don Surber  "South Sudan is 12 million people, mainly Christian, who broke away from Sudan and its Sharia Law to form their own country in 2011. Violence has plagued it since as it is embroiled in a civil war. Nikki Haley championed South Sudan's cause.

"Less than a week ago, she got the United Nations to impose an arms embargo. The Washington Post was alarmed.

" 'U.N. Security Council imposes arms embargo on South Sudan, despite concerns it might jeopardize peace process," 
Siobhán O'Grady reported on July 13 because anything proposed by the Trump administration must be immoral and wrong.

"That an American ambassador to the UN achieved anything in that anti-American body is a near miracle.

" 'On Friday, following years of discussions over how to slow down the conflict in the war-torn country, the U.N. Security Council narrowly passed an arms embargo against South Sudan. Haley pushed through the U.S.-drafted resolution, which also places a travel ban and asset freeze on the former South Sudanese army chief and a current deputy defense chief," O'Grady reported.

"Akshaya Kumar, deputy U.N. director at Human Rights Watch, said, "It’s a huge day and a real reason for South Sudanese who have been under attack for so long to celebrate."

"So what happened?

"Peace broke out." . . .

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