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Thursday, August 2, 2018

3-D Plastic Gun Hype Misfires

Daniel John Sobieski

. . . "A few items of note here.  While individuals can download blueprints and "print" a gun using expensive equipment, they cannot be sold by anyone other than a licensed firearm dealer.  Without serial numbers, etc., no dealer would sell them.  Purchasers would still have to undergo background checks.  And the unreliable guns are not undetectable.  The likelihood of some disgruntled student showing up at his old school with a plastic 3-D gun he printed in his mom's basement is extremely low:
First off, as Stephen Gutowski of The Washington Free Beacon points out, it is easy and legal to find gun blueprints online – and it should be, given that the First Amendment problems with barring the ability to post and consume such blueprints are quite serious.  Gutowski also points out that the "vast majority of 3D printed gun designs are not undetectable to metal detectors," because they are made of metal, their parts manufactured by gun manufacturers.  It's actually illegal to build a gun that's undetectable, Gutowski explains – the ban on creation of such weapons was extended to 2023 under the Undetectable Firearms Act.
"If the guns fall apart and you need to have expensive equipment to make them, where's the "easy access"?  Wouldn't criminals just obtain one of the hundreds of millions of guns, real, reusable, and relatively cheap guns, already in existence?  If they want a gun, they aren't likely to buy a 3-D printer first." . . .

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