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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Sarah Sanders stands up to the Trump-hating Democrats

"Today Sarah Sanders press conference and Sarah Sanders press briefing had some ups and downs this was one of them, president trump from the white house was asked questions and Sarah responded. this is the latest news and breaking news in current events and business and news in politics and politicians, this is from the white house press briefing and white house press conference president Donald Trump questions were asked, this is Sarah Sanders press conference today"

Nicolle Wallace Angrily Bans Clips of Huckabee Sanders From Her Show, Has to Fan Herself: ‘That Made Me Sweat’  "MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace angrily said clips of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders would no longer air on her program on Wednesday, dramatically fanning herself and saying Sanders' comments about the First Amendment "makes me sweat."
"Wallace played footage of President Donald Trump supporters jeering, cursing and flipping off CNN reporter Jim Acosta and other journalists at a rally Trump held in Florida on Tuesday. Wallace is a former Republican operative and co-host of "The View" who has found a niche moderating "Deadline: White House," and she is one of the network's fiercest critics of the Trump administration."
"This is someone who complains about a restaurant that exercises their First Amendment right to kick out someone that they think is obliterating democratic norms," she said. "Seriously, that made me sweat." . . .

All journalists should go out on Pennsylvania Avenue and chant ‘we’re not the enemy of the people, says Jim CNN Acosta  . . . "I can think of no worse way for the media to regain the trust of the American people than by leading a giant anti-Trump protest. All this silliness would prove is that the President is right when he says the media has a liberal agenda and is fake news. Go for it, Jim. It’s not like you’ve got any credibility to lose."
I'd say they have already pretty much done that already, wouldn't you?

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