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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Cruz vs O’Rourke: State Interests or Hollywood Glitz?

Victory Girls
Conservatives need to remember two things. First, appearances aren’t everything. The fact Cruz doesn’t have as many yard signs out O’Rourke doesn’t mean he’s already lost the race. In my part of the state during the 2016 election, the Clinton signs far outnumbered Trump’s. Yet voters turned out for Trump.
Cruz vs O’Rourke: State Interests or Hollywood Glitz?"It’s been awhile since Texas has seen a Senate race like the one between Senator Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke. It is more than a choice between Republican and Democrat. Texans must choose between a conservative senator, one who has proven he shares many of our concerns and values, and the Democratic challenger who seems more interested in honing his national image than in listening to what’s important to his constituency.
"It is easy to worry about Senator Cruz’s chance for re-election. It seems barely a week goes by when Beto isn’t on some national talk show. He appeared on Ellen. He’s been interviewed in Rolling Stone. And let’s not forget his appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert. Joe Kennedy III will be appearing with him later this month to help drum up support. It doesn’t take much imagination to realize he is being groomed for bigger and better things by the DNC. The problem is Texas will suffer if he does somehow manage to defeat Cruz.
"The election is far from decided. A number of conservatives have expressed concern. Everywhere you turn, you find O’Rourke campaign signs. Drive through many neighborhoods and the signs for Beto far outnumber those for Senator Cruz. For much of the campaign season, the media and polls have gleefully rubbed their hands together, telling us how their darling Beto is going to trounce Ted Cruz.
"Except. . . .
"Texas has been a Red State for several decades now. Our U. S. Senators are Republicans, as are our governor, lieutenant governor and every other statewide office holder.
"But that hasn’t stopped Beto and his handlers.
. . . 
"After months of Beto leading Cruz in the polls, the tide has turned. The latest polls show Cruz has not only caught up to O’Rourke but has pulled ahead. The cries and panicked beating of chests has already begun. Vanity Fair has a new post about the election and the title says it all." . . .

O'Rourke doesn't mind kneeling during the National Anthem
Likewise, taking a knee at a football game, O'Rourke explained, is a way to peacefully point out that "black men, unarmed, black teenagers, unarmed, and black children, unarmed, are being killed at a frightening level right now, including by members of law enforcement, without accountability and without justice.”
Stop the Press Before It Profiles Beto O’Rourke Again  . . . "He exudes youth (he’s 46). Cruz looks old (he’s 47). He makes reporters nostalgic for the 1960s by conjuring the spirit of Robert Kennedy, complete with the bangs, the teeth, the rolled-up sleeves, the paeans to the oppressed, the uplift and the liberal platitudes." . . .

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