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Saturday, October 13, 2018

No matter what, Elizabeth Warren will be loved by the left

But Hillary shows us that in spite of everything we learn about someone female and contemptible, the left will love them intensely.

General Kelly reveals the truth about Elizabeth Warren: She's uncouth in private
" . . .What an impolite arrogant woman.  She immediately began insulting our people accusing them of not following the court order, insulting and abusive behavior towards those covered by the pause . . ."
"Democratic presidential frontrunner hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren always prides herself on being the candidate of the little guy.  In her old-fashioned granny suits with her old-fashioned glasses, she speaks in a soft, syrupy voice and calls herself a consumer advocate.  Naturally, there's not a left-wing cause on Earth the Massachusetts Democrat won't support, and of course, as a professional fake Indian with affirmative action professorships under her belt, an incongruous house-flipping history, an Imelda-sized wardrobe, and a big bankbook, she knows how to play the games, academic or otherwise.
"But she always portrays herself as nice.  She doesn't have that hectoring, cackling, manic, revolting voice you hear from Hillary Clinton.  Nope, Warren's always soft, soothing, and smooth.
"But then we hear how she acts in private." . . .
But Mazie Hirono would say she must be believed and the General should just shut up!

Cherokee author: “I Won’t Support An Elizabeth Warren Presidency While She Appropriates My Identity”  

"Rebecca Nagle: “If Warren falsely claimed to be related to the queen of England or Elvis, people would dismiss her as a kook”'  . . .
"Elizabeth Warren is going to run for president, that’s becoming more clear by the day.

"Among Warren’s pre-planning is trying to shed the problem that has dogged her since 2012, her false claim to be Native American.
"Warren has used the Boston Globe and other friendly outlets to claim that she never actually benefited from claiming to be Native American for employment purposes. But that is somewhat besides the point. She tried to benefit from misappropriation of Native American identity, and that doesn’t sit well with Rebecca Nagle.
"Nagle is a member of the Cherokee Nation. She previously has written critically of Warren at the left-wing Think Progress in a November 2017 op-ed that generated a lot of attention,

She is not from us. She does not represent us. She is not Cherokee….
Oh, please. While it is nice to see Warren get push-back, I get so sick of all this cultural, racist, sexist balkanization. But then, being a man, Mazie Hirono wants me to "just shut up". TD 

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