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Saturday, May 18, 2019

House Dems unanimously vote to add transgenders to Civil Rights Act of 1964 protections

Christian Post (Article below)
Thomas Lifson  . . . "Because people can and do change their minds on their gender (the expression “gender-fluid” implies it can change day-by-day or even minute-by-minute), a person can gain or lose protected class status on a whim. This is a travesty compared to the genuine serious issues historically faced by African-American descendants of slaves who faced enduring discrimination based on their immutable racial characteristics. To equate someone whose classification is subjective and changeable with a person whose classification is historic, genetic, and immutable makes a mockery of the suffering of the latter group.
"If this were to become law – don’t worry right now, the Senate won’t pass this lunacy, and President wouldn’t sign it into law – the consequences would be far-reaching, and impossible to fully anticipate. But a marker has been laid down, with the Democrats. – the oldest political party in the world – fully embracing the belief unscientific that a person can change from male to female or vice versa merely by wishing it to be true. I realize that the bullies who enforce progressive orthodoxy will call me a hater, but we do all have chromosomes in every cell of our bodies that tell us we are either male or female, and to deny that is folly." . . .
"I think that the Democrats have abjectly surrendered to the transgender lobby, and that this will cost them support on Election Day. I have never seen a poll of the public on their beliefs about transgenderism. For instance:  Is a biological male who “transitions” an actual female?  Does such a person deserve civil rights protection?
"My inference is that the media who commission polls realize that the general public does not buy into their latest dogma, and do not want to offer any ammunition to opponents. Therefore, the House Democrats have no genuine sense of the public’s real feelings on the matter.
"And with the level of bullying applied to people who speak their minds on the subject – Haters! Transphobes! – feedback from the general public is suppressed.
"With actual female athletes facing a future where their championships are dominated by genetic males, a new victim class is forming."

"This will not end well."

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