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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It’s Trump. Lets All Get Over It.

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Thomas Lifson   "To the dismay of many serious conservatives, including many in our AT family, the Republican primary voters have spoken, and barring black swan events, Donald Trump will be the GOP nominee. . . . contemplate Trump’s upside potential -- for America, for conservatives, and for the Republican Party.

"Let’s face it: America has been locked into a downward spiral under the permanent grip that a corrupt system has had on power. Politicians bent on reform, representing voters demanding it, arrive in Washington, DC only to discover the impossibility of breaking the hold on the levers of governance of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and politicians in their pockets. Washington, DC thrives, becoming the richest city in the country, as most of the rest of the nation stagnates and declines. Businesses discover that it is far more important to cultivate government support than to innovate. Rent seeking becomes the path to riches." . . .

I agree; it is now incumbent upon us to support anyone opposing the Democrat Party and their suffocating political correctness, their balkanizing of American society, and their racialist victimizing.
Why aren't more voters sick of this destructive party with their smug talking TV heads? 
Lifson expresses a related opinion here"

. . .  "But thanks to decades of educational rot, the scandalous dumbing down of the public at the hands of teacher unions and progressives like Bill Ayers in the education industry, the voting public today does not respond as they did in the 1980s to eloquent rhetoric. " . . .
. . . "The fate of the Republic will be in either his hands or Hillary Clinton’s. Choosing between them requires no more than millisecond of thought.

"Trump is the chosen vehicle of the rebellion against a system that has failed us. If he is as smart as I think he is (and look at all the really smart people he has outsmarted), he will rise to the incredible challenges ahead for a reform presidency and a reformed GOP."

But I'd say Mr Trump will have to raise the intellectual level of his campaign:  Trump and Supporters Insult Our Intelligence  . . . "The fact is, Trump often makes profoundly stupid and manifestly false statements. These are the kind of statements that always offend the intellect of anyone who thinks analytically and is interested in the actual truth, regardless of who is saying them. If you are not offended by such, then by definition you simply have jettisoned any concern for truth and intelligence. That Trump runs afoul of both concepts is beyond debate." . . .

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