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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On the Democrat race after Indiana

Sanders embarrasses Clinton in Indiana   "It wasn't supposed to be as difficult for Hillary Clinton this time. The nominating process was going to be a coronation - a stately march to the convention and victory for the first woman president in history.
"But something happened on the way to the royal wedding; the radicals in the Democratic party found a candidate they could fully embrace. Every time Clinton seeks to end this endless contest for the nomination, up pops Bernie Sanders and his legions. So, following her huge victories in the east coast primaries last week, Hillary was expected to coast to victory in the decidedly un-radical state of Indiana.

. . . "And while Clinton typically pulls urban and minority votes, Critchlow said Sanders decisive win in South Bend and Mishawaka precincts represents a change."

Trump vs. Clinton Is Terrible News for Fans of Free Speech and the First Amendment  . . . "And then of course there is Hillary Clinton's well-known view that federal authorities should be able to prevent her political opponents from distributing a documentary film that's critical of herin the days before a federal election. That particular issue was litigated before the U.S. Supreme Court in a little case called Citizens United v. FEC. Among other things, Citizens United featured Clinton and her pro-censorship allies squaring off against the American Civil Liberties Union, which supported Citizens United and its First Amendment right to distribute a documentary film about a political candidate in the United States of America.

"Now consider Donald Trump, who has effectively become the GOP nominee thanks to Ted Cruz dropping out of the race last night. Trump's hostility to constitutionally limited governmentis well known (Trump has even cheered Franklin Roosevelt's notorious internment of Japanese Americans). But Trump seems particularly antagonistic towards the First Amendment." . . .

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