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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Official Hillary for America Woman Card!

The People's Cube

. . . "Play it anytime you feel like a victim. Anytime you feel entitled. 

"Anytime you feel that an awareness ribbon, a wristband, a picture of yourself holding up a sign with a hashtag on it, or even just baring your boobs in public and shouting expletives isn’t enough to let the whole world know you have rights that only the government can provide! 

Woman_Card.jpg"The right to be a victim. The right to be entitled. The right to free stuff. The right to be treated exactly like men, except when we want to be treated like women. 

"Behold those big letters—W and C—right next to the universal symbol for a women’s restroom. Take it to any restroom you want, and never wait in line again!* Check out the black band that makes it look as if you can slide it anywhere, even the New York subway, and feel empowered! "


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