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Friday, July 1, 2016

Benghazi Widow Says Hillary Clinton Has ‘No Right’ to Tell Her to Move On

National Review   "This week, the Select Committee on Benghazi issued it’s final report absolving Hillary Clinton of any responsibility for the failed response to the attacks. Tyrone Woods, one of the four victims that night, left behind a wife and young son. His wife, Dorothy Woods, appeared on “Out Front With Erin Burnett” last night to deliver reaction to the report.  

"After the report was issued, Clinton noted that it was “time to move on.” That didn’t sit well with Woods, who said that Clinton had “no right” to tell her it was time move on from the death of her husband. Woods noted the lies told by the Administration to save their reputation and said no one ever spoke with her on a “one-on-one level” or apologized after the attacks either." . . . 

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