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Friday, July 1, 2016

People, we are not in good hands. Cartoon update

Patricia McCarthy  "After the horrific terrorist attack in Istanbul, is there a sentient American remaining who thinks President Obama cares a whit about this global nightmare?  Clearly he does not.

"When Obama does respond, generally days after the fact, he is relaxed, calm, and wholly unruffled.  These attacks do not bother him!  He thinks they are "incidents" that we can "absorb," acceptable collateral damage for a country that has so offended the Third World.  The dead and injured are out of his sight, out of mind.
"There is something very wrong with this man.  He referenced the attack for a few moments yesterday from his summit in Ottawa, but it was climate change and monarch butterflies that energized him, not the loss of life and limb in Turkey. 
"It is time for Americans to come to grips with the fact that we twice elected a man who lacks even the most basic gene for empathy – the kind of empathy most of us feel for an injured animal not our own.  He does not have normal emotional responses.  He does exhibit anger, but it is entirely reserved for his critics, for those who question his brilliance, his judgment, not for the vermin who have been slaughtering innocents across the Middle East and Africa and now Europe and America." . . .  Emphasis added, TD

This man is cold and unfeeling toward all but our nation's enemies,

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