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Friday, July 1, 2016

More speculations on the Clinton-Lynch meeting

Report: FBI ordered journalists not to record Clinton-Lynch meeting
. . . "For once, there is as much outrage on the left as there is on the right over this meeting. No one believes that they only talked about Clinton's golf game and grandchildren. In a normal American presidential administration, Lynch would have been fired so fast she wouldn't have time to clean out her office.
"But this is a White House that eschews accountability more than any other modern presidency. Lynch is a loyal soldier and if the blowback becomes too great, she'll resign. But expect the White House to continue pushing the grandchildren narrative about the meeting.
"From now on, any action taken by the AG and the Department of Justice in connection with anything having to do with the Clinton's will be suspect." 

Quoting Hot Air:
First of all, it isn’t the FBI’s job to tell journalists or private citizens they can’t take photographs of a former president and the Attorney General. What were the agents going to do, arrest people for taking a picture or video?
Also, if there was nothing wrong with the meeting and it was totally innocent, why were federal agents instructed to demand no one take a picture?
Legal Insurrection: Cover-up worse than the crime: Loretta Lynch needs to resign  . . . "But for that sleuthing local reporter, the public never would have known about the grossly improper meeting between the husband of a woman (Hillary) under FBI investigation and as to whom Lynch has the ultimate power to prosecute or not.
"As Larry O’Connor at Hot Air points out, it’s even worse than that because Bill Clinton himself and the conduct of the Clinton Foundation are under investigation. So Lynch not only met with the husband of someone under investigation, she met with someone whose foundation is under investigation."
James Comey Just Became the Most Powerful Person in America

Attorney General Lynch Will Accept Whatever FBI Recommends in Clinton Email Probe, Official Says  . . . "Lynch said today that she was always planning to accept the recommendations of the career prosecutors and investigators, but in the wake of questions over her meeting with Bill Clinton, she wants to explain further how the process will be handled."

Judicial Watch Asks Justice Inspector General to Investigate Loretta Lynch-Bill Clinton Meeting   . . . “ 'Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with Bill Clinton severely undermined the already low public confidence in her agency’s criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “In addition to this IG investigation, Judicial Watch has already sent Freedom of Information Act requests about this scandalous meeting.' ”

EXCLUSIVE: Was Bill Clinton Plea Bargaining With The Attorney General?  "Former U.S. Attorney Joseph DiGenova told the Daily Caller News Foundation the former President “is at least a witness in two criminal investigations, probably a subject in two criminal investigations. He is a person of interest officially to the Department of Justice,” he said flatly." Hat tip to Lucianne

"Their tarmac ‘golf’ chat shows that high-level Democrats aren’t even pretending to follow the rule of law."
Judge Expands Investigation into Hillary Clinton’s Dealings with Foundation Donors  "E-mails ordered released Wednesday could contain evidence that Clinton kept a secret, off-the-books schedule of meetings with foreign foundation donors as secretary of state."

Weekly Standard: Loretta Lynch: My Meeting with Bill Clinton 'Raises Questions and Concerns'  
"What on earth were you thinking?" asked a laughing Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post. "What happened?" . . .
"The attorney general did not answer Capehart's original questions."

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