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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Justice Loretta Lynch? What was Bill offering?

Richard Henry Lee  "The stunning news that Bill Clinton ambushed AG Loretta Lynch with an “impromptu” meeting at the Phoenix airport has a clear ulterior motive.
"Bill Clinton is always looking for an edge and his meeting with the chief law enforcement officer of the United States just days before an FBI interrogation of his wife over a criminal investigation is subliminal and yet, to the point: if my wife is elected President, you get whatever you want.
"The meeting was described by Lynch as purely innocent with topics about grandchildren and golf. Bill no doubt was delighted with a second grandchild and the message to Lynch was his grandchildren may have two grandparents who served as President, but only if there is no indictment of Hillary.
"Left unsaid also is the possibility that Lynch would be at the top of the list of candidates to replace Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. Lynch was appointed as US Attorney for the Eastern District of New York in 1999 by Bill Clinton, and no doubt Lynch was grateful for the opportunity to serve in that capacity. The only higher office for Lynch would be an appointment to the Supreme Court.
"The only reason the meeting became public was due to the diligence of a local TV reporter. Lynch herself should have reported the ex parte meeting with a potential witness (or subject) in an ongoing criminal investigation yet she did not do so.
"Lynch has refused to recuse herself from the Justice Department review of a possible indictment and it appears she will retain the power to make the final decision.
"Justice is supposed to be blind: yet Loretta Lynch has clearly signaled that the blindfold comes off when the Clintons are involved."

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