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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wait–Bill Clinton Did What To Ensure He Would Run Into Attorney General Loretta Lynch In Phoenix?


Wait–Bill Clinton Did What To Ensure He Would Run Into Attorney General Loretta Lynch In Phoenix?

"Earlier this week, Bill Clinton met privately with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on her plane, which set off a firestorm of controversy, along with commentary about how this torpedoed any chance of having the investigation look like it was free of political interference. It also threw a wet blanket on any attempt to rehabilitate the former first lady’s abysmal numbers on voter trust and honesty. Bill is in a state of contrition right now (via CNN):
The President's conversation with the attorney general was unplanned and was entirely social in nature. But recognizing how others could take another view of it, he agrees with the attorney general that he would not do it again," an aide to Bill Clinton told CNN Saturday.
Hillary Clinton weighed in on the meeting as well Saturday, telling MSNBC's Chuck Todd, "Obviously, no one wants to see any untoward conclusions drawn, and they said they would not do it again."
Bill Clinton and Lynch met privately on Monday. Clinton, who had been in the Phoenix area earlier in the day for a fundraiser for his wife's campaign, according to a campaign source, joined Lynch aboard her plane while both were on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
"Yet, over at the New York Observer, a high-level and credible source told them that the former president had delayed departure from Phoenix for in order to ensure a run in with the attorney general:
The source has decades of experience providing security to government officials.
. . .
 Was Lynch Meeting with Clinton Sheer Stupidity or Political Brilliance?  . . . In light of the legal case and likely consequences for the Clintons, a political firestorm over a brief meeting is a small price to pay if, as Adams contends, that meeting sends the right message to the professional prosecutors."  

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