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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Clinton Presidency Would Be the Political Equivalent of an Extinction-Level Event


Don Feder  "Forget the arrogance and corruption -- $153 million in Clinton family speaking fees from 2001, mainly bribes during her State Department years. Forget the lies, the lies about lies, and the perjury. Forget the security breaches. Forget enabling America’s most prominent sexual predator. Forget the trail of bodies stretching from Little Rock to Benghazi. Forget every scandal from Whitewater to deleted e-mails. Forget all of it.

"Instead, focus on coming attractions -- what a Clinton presidency would mean for America. It would be the political equivalent of an extinction level event. Obama began the process of transforming America. Hillary will finish it -- and us too.
"On the Supreme Court, Scalia’s replacement will be a judicial activist on steroids. This will give the left what it’s dreamed of since the Warren Court -- a 5-4 majority to rubber-stamp statism and Cultural Marxism. Hillary will replace decrepit justices, like Ginsberg (83) and Breyer (78), with their young and vigorous clones who’ll be there for decades.
"The Second Amendment will be repealed, even the most modest restrictions on abortion ended, and a green light given to the assault on religious liberty. As early as 2014, Democrats had appointed a majority of federal appeals court judges. Hillary will expand the left’s domination of the second most powerful courts in the land." . . .

. . . "Donald Trump is all that stands between us and the apocalypse. Forget your gripes about the Republican candidate -- his verbal missteps and campaign shakeups. He’s a decent guy who will make America if not great again, at least better. He knows how to create jobs. He’ll defend our borders. He understands the overriding threat of radical Islam."
"Still, there are always doubts. But while I may not be 100% sure of what Trump will do, I’m sure as hell sure of Clinton. You don’t have to be Joe Friday to figure out her MO."

Hillary ClintonHillary’s Tangled Web Grows By The Day  . . . "Hillary’s ethical problem is that she can’t stop lying about things that might make her appear to be a weak or dishonest candidate, one compromised by money in politics. The purpose of the lying is to keep her from being indicted, and convince voters that she can make it to the White House, where she figures she could make this all go away. While the mainstream media continue to pull out all the stops to ensure the viability of her presidential candidacy, the Clinton Foundation quid pro quo has proven to be too bitter a pill to swallow."

Andrew C. McCarthy states: If Hillary Is Corrupt, Congress Should Impeach Her 
Good luck on that if Democrats win back Congress. Can you visualize Elijah Cummings, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading that crusade?

Bet remember that Huma has her back! Mrs. Clinton and Her Fixer
"Huma Abedin must be a remarkable woman: She has held down four of the worst jobs in politics, several of them simultaneously: right hand to Hillary Rodham Clinton, fixer and patron-patronizer for the Clinton Foundation, an editor of a journal spawned by a major al-Qaeda financier, and wife to Anthony Weiner. 
"Mrs. Carlos Danger has some explaining to do." . . .
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