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Friday, August 5, 2016

Vacation time in Martha's Vineyard. Again.

Don't get your hopes up; Obama's administration is still on the job, regulating our lives.

UK Mail: Inside the Obama's $12m summer vacation spot: Seven bedrooms, a tennis court, an infinity pool and a manicurist on call

Glorious: This huge mansion is where the Obama family will spend their now annual Martha's Vineyard vacation, planned for August 9 through August 24, 2014

"In the middle of Mr Obama's vacation last year, the terrorist group released the first of several videos showing the decapitation of a Western citizen. 
"While Mr Obama was forced to return to Washington at least once during the trip, he did return to the island where he was pictured laughing with friends on the golf course as the nation mourned for fallen photojournalist James Foley. " . . .

When The Going Gets Tough

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"In this tumultuous and wildly volatile political season, it's almost refreshing to see that some things never change. In this case, the fact that the Obama family is winging their way to yet another taxpayer funded multi-million dollar 5-star vacation in Martha's Vineyard andcoincidentally getting the hell out of Dodge just as fresh feces is hitting the fan." . . .
Also in the news as Barry heads out to the golf courses is his unprecedented commutation of hundreds of federal sentences for prisoners who were in the pokey for (ahem) mostly low level drug offenses.  Granted, many violent criminals plead guilty to lower level drug offenses in exchange for not being tried for their bigger crimes...but that's hardly the president's concern.
 Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

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