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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Conservative Radio Host Launching Media Malpractice TV Show

Daily Caller  "Once upon a time pre-internet, the only folks on the right working full-time to expose liberal media bias were the Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media, whose founder, Reed Irvine, Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee famously deemed an animal that urinates backwards when he complained about unfair coverage.
But today, with Facebook, Twitter and countless websites there is no shortage of voluble and visible conservative press critics. However, Chicago radio talk show host William Kelly, who recently wrote in The Daily Callerthat he got arrested for questioning Bill Clinton about his broken promises at a 1993 Chicago town hall, is staking out new grounds with an upcoming cable television show where he hopes to be the liberal media’s chief prosecutor.
Kelly just won official FTC trademark status for the name of his new show, Media Malpractice. Instead of just exposing bias, Kelly is taking a more legalistic approach. He wants to show how journalists who shill for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton are blatantly contravening the standards and practices of their own profession.
But since unlike doctors or lawyers reporters can’t be sued for malpractice or anything other than libel — even welching on promises of confidentiality to sources is not legally actionable if my understanding is correct — Kelly wants to hold them responsible by turning his show into a cross between a court room and the “Daily Show.”
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