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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Terence Crutcher Was Not Shot With His Hands Up. Here’s the Definitive Proof.

First this background: Why Cops Don’t Let Suspects Return To Their Vehicles: The Murder of Kyle Dinkheller  "That[is] probably because they are probably unaware of one of the most infamous police shootings death of the past 20 years, where a Georgia Sheriff’s deputy gave a suspect pulled over for a simple speeding ticket every opportunity to surrender peacefully… too many opportunities, in fact."
Disturbing video and if you watch it, let us know if you still think cops are murderers. This cops reluctance to shoot signed his death warrant. Now to our main story:

Bearing Arms   "Numerous media organizations that should know better, from Sky News, to Reuters, to NPR, are claiming that white Tulsa (OK) Police Department officer Betty Shelby shot and killed Terence Crutcher while his hands were up.

"That is a demonstrable lie, as proven with simple screen captures from video footage from the police helicopter circling overhead."
. . . 
"As the helicopter continues in a counterclockwise turn, Mr. Crutcher clearly drops his hands to his side."

"At the moment just before Mr. Crutcher simultaneously shot once by Officer Shelby (right) and tased by Officer Tyler Turnbough (left), Mr. Crutcher’s hand is clearly down near his waist near the right front pants pocket area. This is when both officers decided to discharge respective weapons.

"Definitively, Terence Crutcher was not shot with his hands raised.


. . . "Now, while a prior record doesn’t show whether the shooting in this case was right or wrong, what his background does show is that he had a habit of resisting the police when stopped. It also shows that he has open warrants and we don’t know if that may have come into play in the mind of the officers or in Terance Crutcher’s mind.
"The police also reported today that they had found PCP in his car."

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