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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hillary Says She Killed Bin Laden, Navy SEAL Who Did Has Perfect Response

Amanda Shea  "Hillary Clinton was speaking at a campaign event for veterans where it was no surprise that most of the heroes invited didn’t bother showing up to hear her lie to them. However, those who did were shocked when she took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, especially the navy SEAL who fired the fatal shot who had the perfect response for the Butcher of Benghazi." . . .
Hillary Says She Killed Bin Laden, Navy SEAL Who Did Has Perfect Response
Hillary Clinton leaving veteran event (left), Navy SEAL
 Rob O’Neill who killed Osama Bin Laden (right)

. . . "Rob O’Neill was the Navy SEAL who actually killed Bin Laden, and he had something to say about her disgusting claim when addressing iton Fox News. Using the now-famous picture of President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the president’s cabinet all in the situation room when the sniper was given the go-ahead to send the fatal fire, O’Neill said that he and his team were visited by everyone in that photo except for Clinton who couldn’t be bothered. Refusing to meet with these men and thank them contradicts what she was touting at the convention to convince her small crowd that she would be the best Commander-in-Chief.

. . . "This inconvenient fact proves that once again, Clinton has no respect for our heroes and only cares about herself since she not only takes credit for killing the terrorist leader but won’t even thank those who did. It’s convenient for Clinton to claim responsibility for events that earn her undeserved praise, but not take credit for the crimes she’s committed. She’s so arrogant that she thought that she could get away with this whopper of a lie, but got called out on it by the man himself who was actually there."

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