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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Who can save us from the do-gooders? They set captive penguin "free" and now his chicks may die

'Please help us find Buddy, his chicks are dying!' Desperate hunt for South African penguin who has never seen the sea but was 'set free' in Indian Ocean, leaving wife and babies to die

A desperate search is under way for endangered African penguin Buddy (pictured) who was stolen and 'set free' by two students

"A desperate search is under way for an endangered African penguin stolen from a marine park and released into the Indian Ocean by two students 'who wanted to set him free'.
"CCTV footage showed them breaking into Bayworld Oceanarium in the dead of night and taking selfies with 'Buddy' before one of them stripped down to his waist, wrapped the penguin in a T-shirt and drove away.
"Since his disappearance a week ago, one of the penguin's two chicks has died after his mate apparently struggled to care for their young alone.". . . 

One of Buddy's two chicks (pictured) has disappeared since he disappeared a week ago, because his mate struggled to care for them alone

" 'I am so angry with the guys who took him, they just don't get it. They should be out there looking for him, they are young and stupid.' "

This is how the do-gooders tend to think:  
No fracking, drilling or digging: it’s the only way to save life on Earth  By .

What is this man prepared to give up first?

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