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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ann Coulter on Trump’s decision not to go after Hillary: No president should block the DOJ from doing their job

Hot Air  "I’m glad we all agree that it’s inappropriate for the president to pressure the DOJ politically and that it should be free to pursue criminal investigations wherever the evidence might lead. Gonna bookmark this post for future reference on that point, just in case.

Whoa! I thought we elected @realDonaldTrump president. Did we make him the FBI, & DOJ? His job is to pick those guys, not do their jobs. https://twitter.com/washingtonpost/status/801070243670007808 
" . . .If he wants to get this off his plate politically and avoid blame from Coulter-types who demand to see Hillary in jail, it’d be better to have Obama pardon her — but if that’s Trump’s game, the last thing he should be doing now is implying that Clinton won’t be prosecuted next year. That might lead Obama to believe that no pardon is necessary. If anything, Trump should refuse to rule out a special prosecutor into her crimes, which might force Obama’s hand." . . .

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