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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Former IDF Major-General Yiftach Ron Tal: Women Combat Soldiers Are Compromising The IDF’s Abilities

Yeshiva World News


. . . "While organizations seeking to advance the cause of women’s equality, retired IDF Major-General Yiftach Ron-Tal is warning the placement of women combatants in the IDF is seriously compromising the military’s abilities. Ron-Tal’s comments come as the Tank Corps is heading towards opening its doors to female soldiers, a move that has hesder yeshivot and rabbonim concerned and angry, some announcing the IDF will have to decide between the bnei torah or the women serving, but it will never be both side-by-side.

Ron-Tal released statements of warning on "Sunday, 19 Cheshvan, that integrating the Tank and Artillery Corps would be a mistake and the IDF will pay a price as its operational abilities would undoubtedly be compromised. “Have we totally lost our minds” questioned the senior commander, adding “whoever is pushing this is truly crazy”, warning if this moves to the paratroops, Givati or Golani, the nation will be in trouble." . . .

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