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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Democrats and the election aftermath (Updating through the day)

The contributors at American Thinker had much to say.

A Pew Research survey Wednesday showed a whopping 97 percent of all voters would cast the exact same vote they did on Election Day, including 99 percent of Trump voters and 96 percent of Clinton voters. As with the recount that saw Clinton lose votes and the Electoral College vote that saw her lose electors, only 1 percent of Trump voters regret their vote, while 4 percent of Clinton voters do.
 Poor Obama! Self-pity marks his final weeks in office  . . . "I must also point out that if one searches for vilification of an incoming president, the level of hatred, misinformation, distortion and outright character assassination directed at President-Elect Trump dwarfs anything Obama was ever on  the receiving  end of.
"I remember when late night comedians complained that Obama was so perfect that there was no humor to be found in his presidency. I remember when the vast number of photos published with him having a halo become a joke, and when he was pronounced a semi-divine “lightworker” and an “enlightened being.” . . .

Politico obtains hacked emails from Clinton campaign post-election . . ."There is still no proof offered to the public, and no willingness of the intelligence community to testify under oath before Congress.  And there are assertions that an insider was the source of the Podesta leaks, a disgruntled Sanders supporter at the DNC. This theory is treated as unworthy of any attention at all.
"So, did Politico get this information from the Russians?
"Of course not. It was an inside job, complete with the call logs and text messages. Leaks have been the currency of mainstream media journalism.  They are good when Republicans look bad and sinister when Democrats are at risk."
It’s Babylon for the Democrats  . . . "Hyperbole? We will see on inauguration day. Expect massive throngs of furious and desperate goons to attempt to trample the podium, as they do even now on college campuses, whenever any conservative speaker attempts to exercise his First Amendment rights. Inauguration day will see the mother of all protests -- spell that ‘riots’ -- as Trump’s hand reaches forth toward the Bible to affirm the oath of office.

"In the first hundred days after that, expect the Democrat minority in Congress to skillfully execute every conceivable maneuver to thwart the will of the electors, to scheme and plot without pause, to poison every act of the legislature, and to frustrate every action of the president. They will claw, scratch, kick, bite, and scream like rabid beasts, knowing that their time is short." . . .  

Celine Dion and KISS are the latest musicians to pass on playing at Donald Trump's inauguration  "Wynn also unsuccessfully attempted to recruit Garth Brooks, who formerly inked a residency contract with Wynn, to play at the event, sources told the outlet.
"Others to reject offers to take the stage at the internationally-broadcast event include famed opera singer Andrea Bocelli and rock legend Elton John."

Electoral college 'rebels' who wanted to stop Trump WERE in touch with Clinton campaign (and now movement's leader is facing prosecution)

Artist Sees His Work Behind Ivanka Trump; Demands She Take It Down  "Earlier, I gave my opinion about a man who verbally attacked Ivanka in public on a commercial flight, and now we see artists who notice their paintings with the future First Daughter, wanting her to remove their work because they don’t want to be associated with the Trumps."
Political Cartoons by Henry Payne
An opposition strategy for January confirmation hearings strategy is emerging: To expose Trump's campaign platform as a 'scam.'
. . . Lawmakers know they’re unlikely, at best, to stop any of Trump’s Cabinet picks from being installed. But they still see major opportunity in the confirmation hearings. The goal, according to lawmakers and aides: to depict Trump’s chosen inner circle of billionaires and conservative hard-liners as directly at odds with the working-class Americans he vowed to help." . . .

WATCH: Is President Obama Setting Up Obstacles For Donald Trump?  Video

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

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