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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Navy Restores Rating Titles After Public Backlash

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"Petition against 'modernized' rating system gathered over 100,000 signatures"

Washington Free Beacon  . . . " The White House responded in November, standing by the Navy’s decision to eliminate the ratings titles and describing the outrage as “friction” typically caused by cultural changes. 

"The new system resulted from a January order by outgoing Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to make the job titles in the Marine Corps and Navy gender neutral, after the Pentagon opened up all combat roles to women. 

“It’s to quit segregating women. We do it by uniforms; women wear different uniforms. Can you imagine if we ask another group to wear a different kind of uniform?” Mabus told ) an audience at the National Press Club in October, downplaying the decision to scrap the ratings titles. 

“Ratings names change all the time, all the time. When I was in, 45 years ago, the people that were in my division were radiomen and signalmen. We don’t have any of those anymore. Those ratings have changed. Corpsmen, our medics, that rating came in after World War II,” Mabus said. “We change these things all the time, and I thought that it was important to be gender neutral.”

"Mabus has routinely been criticized on social media for prioritizing what some view as an extremely politicized agenda at the expense of the Navy’s combat power. He will soon be replaced by President ­elect Donald Trump’s choice for Navy secretary, who has not yet been announced. "


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