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Thursday, December 22, 2016

What Would It Take for Progressives to Reject Black Lives Matter?

National Review  "If Black Lives Matter were conservative, it would already be one of the most discredited and despised movements in American history. Can you imagine the elite Left’s reaction to a conservative movement built on a founding lie that has incited riots, inspired shootings of police, and correlated with an astounding and deadly increase in violent crime in America’s major cities?

"It’s the latter point that will leave the most enduring legacy. Today the Wall Street Journal reported that sixteen of the top twenty cities in the United States have endured year-to-date increases in homicide, with Chicago’s murder rate reaching levels “not seen since the violent drug wars of the 1990s.” And this increase comes after 2015’s troubling increase in murders. Together, the 2015 and 2016 crime spikes have left hundreds of black men dead in the streets, with women and even children victimized by stray bullets." . . .

California Senator Kamala Harris will certainly not reject BLM or any other leftist cause. Fight, fight, fight for them all.

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