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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Remember That Kid Who Set Fire In Street, Said “Screw Our President”? Some Think He Looks Like Drew Carey's Son

Drew Carey's son is the mystery kid from the Trump protest who claimed he started a bonfire and yelled, "Screw our president"

"News footage of the boy went viral after the inauguration eve protest in Washington D.C. -- and we've confirmed it was 11-year-old Conn source close to Drew tells us Connor got caught up in the emotions of the crowd around him, and he was in hot water afterward. We're told Drew and Connor's mom were upset about how he expressed himself to the reporter, and talked to him about his language." 
 NY Daily News corroborates  "The short interview made waves on the internet during subsequent days, but few people realized the boy was Carey's kid until TMZ identified him Thursday."
Legal Insurrection  “Screw our president!”
. . . "The source says Connor “regretted his choice of words” after the chat with his folks."

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