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Thursday, January 26, 2017

This is NOT my father's Democrat Party

Best SJW Moments From DNC Chair Forum…
"These folks are all vying to be the DNC chair. Pretty much says all you need to know. Plus why never to be a Democrat. One of these losers will be chosen at the end of February."

Dem Senators gather to learn how to talk to 'real people' . . . "There has never been any effort to engage white working class voters in the same way that Dems try to engage minorities, or women, or any other class of "victims" of the "white male power structure.' "

De Blasio Suggests NYC Won’t Help Deport Thieves, Because They’re Family ‘Breadwinners’

Madeline Albright to register as a Muslim . . . “I stand ready to register as Muslim in #solidarity,” she tweeted. The Hill reported that she is following in feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s vow to become Muslim if there is ever a registry." . . .

The Tunnel Dweller's 2008 resignation from the Democrat Party, after Senator Clinton told General Petraeus, the victor of the war in Iraq, that his statements must be taken with the "willing suspension of disbelief."  My letter to the Democrat Party:

"I have been part of a Democrat family all my life with my father a member of the IWA-CIO and myself also a union member throughout my career. I am absolutely sickened by the actions of almost all elected Democrats and many, many of their supporters. Terrible statements appear in the press, supporting the insurgents in Iraq while our troops fight in what is without a doubt a fight for our survival. The performance of Democrats in the room with Gen. Petraeus has been the final straw for me and I utterly reject this party and its membership."The Tunnel Dweller 

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