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Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Failures of ObamaCare Grace-Marie Turner presented testimony to the House Budget Committee on Jan 24, 2017.

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Galen Institute  . . . "While millions of people have received health coverage through the Affordable Care Act, many millions more have felt the personal harm it has imposed on them and their families.  I know that you and many other members of this body, including Speaker Ryan, have provided assurances that repeal and replace measures will protect the people who are receiving coverage now under the health law while building a bridge to new coverage that will protect others from the damage that it has done and is doing to their pocketbooks and their access to medical care.

"The costs of health insurance are crippling many families’ finances, including forcing them to work extra jobs.  An Uber driver who lives in Maryland told me last week that he is working this second job so he can pay for health insurance. The premium for the policy for himself, his wife, and one child is $1,200 a month.  He must spend hours away from them every week to meet his obligation to provide coverage. I hear similar stories repeatedly from people across the country.  While many millions are covered, millions more are pleading for relief." . . .

  • Again, The Daily Signal offers an example of a veterinarian whose premiums doubled over three years while the quality of his coverage eroded:[18]
  • For the past 15 years, Warren Jones has had the same health insurance plan with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City.
  • But over the years, Jones, of Kansas City, Missouri, has watched the coverage offered in his policy “erode” over time.
  • First, the company got rid of the dental and vision coverage he had.
  • Then, Jones’ deductible increased—to $2,500—for his plan alone.
  • But perhaps the most significant change for Jones, a veterinarian, has been the rising cost of his monthly premiums.
  • In 2014, the year Obamacare took effect, Jones paid $318 in monthly premiums. In 2015, the price went up to $394 per month, then to $491 for 2016.
  • For 2017, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas estimates that Jones will pay $716 each month for his premiums—a 45.8 percent increase—according to a letter the insurer sent him.
  • “You can’t keep doing this because people’s wages don’t increase by that amount,” Jones told The Daily Signal. “Nobody’s wages are increasing, so it’s taking a bigger chunk of the budget.”

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