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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Obama's legacy

The mentee of America-hating Bill Ayers and the white-america-hating Jeremiah Wright left behind all we who voted against Barack Obama expected. TD

What the Obama era's memorial to veterans looks like  . . . "Rosebrock is set to stand trial with his co-defendant: the American flag.  Obama's VA took a swing at this veteran for displaying national flag, and as a result, Old Glory will have to prove it is not "a placard."
"So after decades of unmasking corruption and cronyism, Captain Rosebrock has "finally" committed a "crime" so serious that he is threatened with six months in jail?  Betcha local swamp dwellers would prefer to commemorate Bob with a golden statue, too, to dealing with him alive and kicking. 
"What is the final message of Obama's VA to American veterans about this flag trial?  "You will be jailed if you love your Old Placard"?" . . .
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U.S. airlines flee Castro's island hellhole  . . ."Doing business in Cuba is so dodgy and money-losing that just doing it now involves reputational risk, according to Control Risks consultancy.
"No wonder airlines don't want to be there – the U-turn they are making is rather visible.  And they are not alone.  According to the FT:
... about 60 per cent of the businesses established here by foreigners since the fall of communism in eastern Europe have closed, according to government statistics. Some of them – analysts and diplomats say – were forced out by the Cuban government.
"What a dump. Best thing out there is to just say no to the hellhole so touted by President Obama."

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President Trump should abandon his predecessor’s feckless policy toward the Castro regime  . . . "It is precisely a continuation of Obama’s feckless Cuba policy that would help lock the Cuban people into a North Korean–style dynasty. President Trump would do well to explore a different path, a more principled stand, on behalf of democracy and human rights, that would empower the Cuban people and give them more opportunities than merely the opportunity to persevere."

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Russian Cartoons On Obama’s Legacy  The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) published Russian Cartoons addressing President Obama’s legacy.  
"The following are cartoons published in pro-Kremlin media outlets on U.S. President Barack Obama’s legacy and future after the U.S. elections. The cartoons envision Obama inter alia working as a waiter at McDonald’s and as a pizza delivery, once his term of office as U.S. president expires."

. . . "Caption: What will Obama work at after he retires from office?"
Choice No. 1: A waiter at McDonald’sChoice No.2: A gangster Choice No.3: A poker playerChoice No.4: A farmer
Suppose the Russians know who Joe Wilson is? 

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