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Monday, June 5, 2017

Almost everyone agrees Hillary has taken the blame game too far

Hot Air  "Fox&Friends was having some fun yesterday with a list of all the people and organizations Hillary Clinton has blamed for her election loss:

. . . "There were a few clips on Fox highlighting this yesterday but contributor Charles Krauthammer said he actually felt sorry for Hillary after watching her performance:

It wasn’t just Fox News getting in on this. Other news sites were less restrained. The Daily Caller made this clip which seems to be the most comprehensive list of everyone Clinton has blamed (39 in all):

. . . "But not everyone was critical of Hillary’s litany of excuses. Andrea Mitchell did this report for Today which notes that Clinton is blaming everyone but herself, but Mitchell never really seems interested in criticizing her for doing so. In fact, she seems to be more upset with Trump for his Twitter response to Hillary."

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