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Monday, June 5, 2017

NSA Leaker uncovered. Soon to be a Heroine of the Left

"The federal complaint filed against Winner reveals that she stole the classified documents on May 9, four days after they were published by the NSA. She printed the report and sent it through ground mail to The Intercept. On May 30, a reporter with the outlet contacted the NSA inquiring about the documents. The agency then contacted the FBI, which dispatched agents to interview and apprehend Winner at her home in Augusta."
NY Post has a good bit here:  . . . "The highly classified intelligence document, published Monday by The Intercept, describes how Russia managed to infiltrate America’s voting infrastructure using a spear-phishing email scheme that targeted local government officials and employees.

"It claims the calculated cyberattack may have even been more far-reaching and devious than previously thought.

"The report is believed to be the most detailed US government account of Russia’s interference to date.

"It was allegedly provided to the Intercept by 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, of Augusta, who appeared in court Monday after being arrested at her home over the weekend.

"She was charged with removing and mailing classified materials to a news outlet, DOJ officials said." . . .

NSA Contractor Leaker Reality Winner Said She’d Side With Iran In Case Of War…  Who gave her her Top Secret clearance?

NSA Leaker Is A Bernie Supporter Who ‘Resists’ Trump   "The 25-year-old woman who stole “Top Secret” documents from the National Security Agency and leaked them to The Intercept appears to be a supporter of Bernie Sanders and other progressive icons, such as Bill Maher and Michael Moore.

"Reality Leigh Winner’s apparent social media footprint also shows that she is a supporter of other liberal causes, including the Women’s March and the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim civil rights group.

"She also recently referred to President Trump as a “piece of shit” because of his position on the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests.

"Winner was indicted in federal court on Monday after she allegedly stole classified documents from her employer, Pluribus International, a defense contractor that does work for the NSA from its offices in Augusta, Ga. 

"Winner admitted to FBI agents that she stole the documents and provided them to The Intercept. The news site published an article on Monday that appears to be based on the stolen materials. The Top Secret records show that Russian agents attempted to hack into U.S. voting systems prior to the November elections." . . .

Reality Leigh Winner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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thelastenglishprince said...

As a prior LCDR in the USNR I faithfully adhered to my oath of office, which included guardianship of my secret clearance. Reality Winner is a prior member of the military community, and as such, she should grasp what it means to take an oath on behalf of her nation. I would spit in her face, given the opportunity.