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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hollywood YUUUGE Loser in Georgia Sixth

"In actuality, I submit that what angers them most is that Trump is not interested in them.  He is interested in the actual working class, which they disdain. " . . .
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PJ Media  "As a resident of Hollywood, CA, I didn't exactly see crying in the streets, but I did "feel their pain," as the saying goes.

"According to (where else?) Variety, the local entertainment industry went in big time in support of Jon Ossoff, the jejune sometime documentarian, in his quest to win the election in Georgia's sixth congressional district.
Rosie O’Donnell [ je suis shockay], Jane Fonda, Jessica Lange, Sean Daniel, Connie Britton, Sam Waterston and Kyra Sedgwick are among those who have donated to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign, while others have been participating in phone banks to get out the vote and a few, like actress Alyssa Milano, have volunteered to go door to door in the suburban Atlanta district.
"Will these moral narcissists talk with Ossoff again, now that he has lost by a solid margin, more than predicted, failing to do any better than Hillary against their Public Enemy #1  (Donald J. Trump) despite having by far the largest war chest in American congressional history, nine times bigger than his opponent's?

"I would think not.  These celebs have better things to do behind the walls of their twenty-million-dollar mansions, especially now that, thanks to Trump, although they would never acknowledge it in a million years, their already fat stock market portfolios have grown roughly 17% since Donald was elected." . . .
"Their boy . . . Ossoff lost more substantially than expected in an upscale part of Georgia elitists should win. Enough of the Trump bashing.  Start thinking about how to make the country better.  Come up with some policies that make sense. Then maybe you'll start winning again."

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