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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Otto Warmbier and the Left

Otto Warmbier's arrest was a big joke for some on the Left - are they laughing now?  . . . "Leftwing website Salon, in a piece that has since been removed, referred to him as “America’s biggest idiot frat boy.”
"The Huffington Post, while taking his situation a bit more seriously, used the story as an opportunity to lecture us on Warmbier’s overbearing sense of white privilege.
"Worst of all was humorist Larry Wilmore’s take on his Comedy Central show. He did a whole segment on the story, having a jolly old time at Warmbier’s expense." . . .

The Double Murder of Otto Warmbier
"Instead of faulting a repressive socialist regime, La Sha blamed Warmbier for "being socialized first as a white boy, and then as a white man in this country." The HuffPo's megalomaniac millennial had the gall to compare her daily plight of living and breathing freely in America to Warmbier's captivity:"
The Double Murder of Otto Warmbier

"We may never know what brutal torture and malign neglect American student Otto Warmbier suffered at the hands of North Korea's dictatorship before losing his life this week at the age of 22. 

"But it wasn't the first time the free­spirited Ohio native died.

" More than a year before succumbing to the unknown illness or injury that left him in a coma thousands of miles away from home, Otto Warmbier's own countrymen murdered his reputation. His character. His humanity. 

"Click-­hungry media ghouls knew nothing about Warmbier's small­town upbringing, his family life, politics, personality, disappointments or dreams. But they gleefully savaged a young man who made a mistake on a doomed trip to a totalitarian hell. 

"Warmbier's thoughtless taunters instantly transformed him into a bigger, badder villain than the barbaric DPRK goons who beat, starve, rape and kill enemies of the state for such offenses as listening to foreign radio broadcasts, possessing Bibles and disrespecting Dear Leader ­­ in Warmbier's case, by attempting to steal a propaganda sign that read "Let's arm ourselves strongly with Kim Jong­-il's patriotism!" as a souvenir. 

"The Huffington Post published an acid rant by "Blogging While Black" writer La Sha titled "North Korea Proves Your White Male Privilege Is Not Universal." She rejoiced at Warmbier's sentence because, she gloated, it taught him that "the shield his cis white male identity provides here in America is not teflon abroad.' "
. . . 

The Sickening Attack on Otto Warmbier Is Symbolic of the Left’s Hate Problem  . . . "Comedy Central’s Larry Wilmore was one of the chief offenders, launching one of his shows with an eight-minute festival of mockery that accepted the North Korean regime’s version of events, mocked Warmbier’s anguished tears, and even posted a graphic calling him an “ass” — based on the initials of a fictional fraternity. The message? Let’s mock frat bros when they go where Daddy can’t protect them. Doubt me? Watch for yourself:" Video at the link.

Teen social justice mag: Otto Warmbier deserved to die because of whiteness  . . . "Rodney Lee Conover had a somewhat different take, putting Warmbier’s death square on the shoulders of another social justice warrior — Barack Hussein Obama:
President Donald Trump nearly worked a miracle by getting this young man back, but it was too late. Thanks Obama for jack squat. This is your legacy. You had plenty of leverage to get this kid back in time to his parents but how many rounds of golf did you get in instead? You’ll be remembered as the friend to fascism, communism, socialism and death to America. Fundamentally.
"Come to think of it, perhaps we can lay Affinity Magazine’s reaction at Obama’s doorstep as well"…  Hat tip to Joe Newby

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